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“When ever you wear a hat your day will be special”

Wearing the right hat or fascinator will put the finishing touch to your outfit. Be it a wedding, ladies day at the races, a graduation, wearing the right hat or fascinator is that one accessory that sets you apart from the rest.

We have a range of carefully selected hats & fascinators to compliment our stunning range of outfits to either buy or hire

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Though hats have long been the traditional choice for ladies on special occasions, fascinators have become increasingly popular. Fascinators are easy and versatile to wear, and allow you to show of your hairstyle. Easily attached, with either combs or clips, fascinators are the perfect way to finish off your look, but without the need for a hat.

Hatinators or sometimes called discs, are a great solution to ladies with petite frames or smaller faces. Hatinators have more structure than a fascinator and are increasingly popular for those who maybe feel a hat is too much for them.

If you are small of stature, a fascinator may suit you more than a hat. Sometimes a mid to large hat can overpower smaller features. Vice versa, if you are taller or larger a hat may offer you more of a balance to your entire look.

Hats do flatten hair, therefore blow dry and curl your hair, and don’t forget plenty of hairspray, this will add bounce. Rounder faces are well suited to wider brimmed hats. If you are tall, avoid tall hats, and definitely seek hats with wider brims. Wearing a hat or fascinator at an angle can make a petite lady appear taller. If you have short hair, and still love the look of fascinators, try back combing your hair or hair mousse to add more volume to help the fascinator stay fixated.

Wash your hair a day before wearing, this will help keep the fascinator in place. Fascinators attached to headbands are extremely useful if you have short hair. If you have a fascinator comb or clip, its advised to fasten onto the side of your head or at the back, fastening it to the centre will make it look like you are sprouting feathers or flowers.

Many experts suggest keeping your hairstyle simple for wearing a fascinator, and letting the fascinator take centre place. A simple ponytail, a slicked-back style, or a slightly-curled free-falling style look best.

Fascinators can be worn all day, and they won't give you hat hair. You don't need to worry where to put them during the day, and they are light and easy to wear.

Consider your hair colour. Redheads look great with natural and earth tones such as beiges, browns, camel, dark and olive greens. Blondes should go for light warm colours like coral, turquoise, apple – neutral navy, beige and taupe also look gorgeous. Brunettes suit bright, deep shades. Think hot pink, purple, bright blue and emerald, and again neutral black and navy.

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