Furniture and gifts

Furniture & Gifts

If you’re looking for something special, whether it’s new curtains, a piece of furniture, a gift for a friend or a treat for yourself, you’re sure to find something to tempt you.

A passion for homes and everything that’s in them is what Honeysuckle Interiors is all about.

Their showroom in Oakley showcases an eclectic mix of gift ideas & home accessories that are individually chosen based on either their unique style, or sheer beauty - not found on the high street.

A beautiful combination of design-led pieces and products ensures that every visit you pay them will be a new & exciting experience! You’ll be amazed by the extensive collection which offers something to suit all budgets.

Set in the tranquil heart of Oakley with ample free parking a warm and friendly welcome awaits.

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Tracks & Poles

We are pleased to stock an extensive range of curtain tracks and poles and offer a track fitting service. We can also offer fixing solutions to awkward shaped windows including bays, dorma, velux, arched windows plus many more… If you’re looking for something specific why not pop along to our showroom or give us a call, we’re sure we’ll have just what you are looking for.

There are two main ways to hang curtains: on tracks, or on poles. For heavy curtains use a substantial pole and fixings.

Metal corded tracks - By far the best and most versatile type of track available. Curtains will always look more professional hanging from this type of track. Cording prevents unnecessary handling of the curtains and is easily adjusted to pull on the left or right. They are designed with over lapping centre carriers and return brackets, which help prevent light escaping down outside and leading edges and aid draught exclusion. Pelmet/valance boards can be added easily. We can also offer metal track that can be custom bent for bay windows.

Poles - Curtain poles are decorative as well as functional. The final flourish for a pole is a finial on the end. The choice of poles has increased dramatically, ranging from the traditional wood, iron and brass to the contemporary satin nickel or stainless steel finishes. We have a fantastic selection!

Wooden poles tend to come in 25mm (one inch), 35mm (one and a half inch) 50mm (two inch) and 63mm (two and a half inch) diameters. They can be stained, painted or gilded. Finials range from just simple ball ends to being elaborately carved.

Metal poles usually come in 19mm (three quarter inch) and 32mm (one and a quarter inch) diameters, again with a range of finishes and finials.

Tracks and Poles
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Wall coverings and paint


At Honeysuckle we have one of the best libraries of wallpaper outside of London. Come and browse at your leisure or let the Design Team guide you through the hundreds of choices available. The popularity of wallpaper is on the rise again, and with hundreds of patterns to choose from, it’s often difficult to know where to start.

If you are more used to living with painted walls but you want to try wallpaper, you can often soften the effect and break it up a little. Try just a feature wall or a chimney breast and paint the rest of the room. There’s no doubt a wallpapered room has a certain warmth to it, more so than flat colours of painted walls. To help you decide on the right wallpaper design we recommend that you get the largest swatch you can and tape it as flat as possible to the wall you want to use it on. Leave it on there for at least 24 hours so that you can see it in both daylight and artificial light, and see how it looks at different times of the day. Remember to use the correct adhesive recommended for your chosen wallpaper, and wherever possible cross line your walls with lining paper for a professional finish.

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Zoffany paints

Zoffany Paint Collection

Choosing paint is like tasting wine, perfume or anything else which relies on sensory perception - it's an individual choice.

However you look at it, refreshing your walls with a coat of paint is still the cheapest way to introduce colour into you home. Having used many different brands over the years , it is very clear to me that the more you pay, the better the paint. . As a rule, the more expensive paint covers better and lasts longer. Cheap paint has more water in it, less pigment and less binder. It is also more environment-friendly, being lower in Volatile Organic Compounds Cheaper paints are made with synthetic pigments. And pigment, is what gives paint its quality and depth of colour.

Traditional pigments tend to be made of rocks and minerals, earth and clay, so consequently they are impure, and rather complex. The more complex the pigmentation, the more interesting the colour. It gives redolence and depth, and you get undertones - colours which subtly change in different lights.

That’s why at Honeysuckle Interiors we recommend and passionately endorse Zoffany paints.

There are currently 128 colours available in Zoffany’s paint collection enabling the range to be used in both contemporary and traditional settings.

Listed below is a guideline on Zoffany paint finishes and coverage:-

Flat emulsion

Giving a chalky matt finish, the durability of this waterbased emulsion is ideal for walls and ceilings.

  • Sizes: 5 litre, 2.5 litre
  • Coverage: Up to 16 sq m (per litre coat)
  • Dry time: 1-2 hours, Recoat 4 hours


Resistant to steam and condensation in kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories, this durable eggshell paint is ideal for woodwork and walls.

  • Sizes: 2.5 litre, 1 litre
  • Coverage: Up to 17 sq m (per litre coat)
  • Dry time: 2-3 hours, Recoat overnight

Acrylic Eggshell

Hardwearing, water-based high opacity paint suitable for interior walls, ceilings, woodwork and metalwork.

  • Sizes: 2.5 litre, 1 litre
  • Coverage: Up to 16 sq m (per litre coat)
  • Dry time: 1-2 hours, Recoat 4 hours


Drying to a tough hard wearing finish, gloss paint is ideal for interior and exterior woodwork and metalwork.

  • Sizes: 1 litre
  • Coverage: Up to 16 sq m (per litre coat)
  • Dry time: 3-4 hours, Recoat overnight

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Light affects everything we see, altering our minds and moods. Good lighting makes a room look more spacious and atmospheric as well as helping you with tasks throughout the day. Just as you use different rooms for different activities, so different lighting is used for different tasks too.

Lighting is often overlooked in favour of paint colour, fabrics and wallpapers when it comes to a decorating scheme.

To complement your interior we can supply lighting to order. Pop along to the show room where we have a selection on display. Let the Design Team guide you through the many choices available from suppliers such as Franklite, Porta Romana, Chelsom, Dar and Elstead to name a few. When purchasing your lighting from us, we can also recommend qualified electricians to install it for you.

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At Honeysuckle we have a wonderful selection of quality mirrors to complement any interior.

Our collection ranges from traditional and decorative gilt and silver framed mirrors, over mantles, oval mirrors, shaped mirrors, minimalist, contemporary and modern designer mirrors, solid wood mirrors, free standing floor and table top mirrors and bathroom mirrors.

Mirrors provide a special magic, adding light reflecting a seemingly expanding space. Large expanses of mirrors in typically small, light-starved spaces will instantly add depth and airiness.

Make more of large windows with a large mirror to reflect the grandeur of your beautiful furnishings. Or borrow light by pacing a large mirror opposite a window to create maximum light and whatever the size of your room, it will look bigger and brighter. Position a mirror to reflect something lovely, to bring the outside in. You may have a lovely garden or water view; you will be bringing it inside. The size and style should work with your furnishings, simple or elaborate. The options are endless.

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Using a rug to compliment your furnishings is one of the easiest ways to update, revitalise your home.

Rugs can add dramatic colour and design to every room; create a focal point or define areas; add warmth to the look and feel of tiles, stone, protect hardwood floors or wall-to-wall carpeting; and tie elements of a room together.

Whatever your style there are hundreds of, shapes, sizes and colours of rugs to choose from. Consequently this can hinder your decision making process. Consider the following points before you start looking and choosing a rug:

Colour - Colour is probably the most important element in decorating and should top the list of your requirements when selecting a rug. If a room has a lot of bright colours and looks very busy, choose a neutral colour and a subtle design for the rug. If the colours of the room are soft and neutral, you can add a splash of colour and interest with a bright rug and a dramatic design. If you want to enhance the colour scheme that exists in a room, select a rug that repeats the dominant or accent colours; if the colour scheme hasn’t been chosen, buy the rig your heart desires and decorate the room around it.

Pattern - Consider the pattern on your rug make sure it does not clash with patterns on the wallpaper, curtains, cushions, and other fabrics in the room. Dark colours add warmth, and light colours will make the room appear more spacious. The amount of traffic is also a consideration. If there are children or pets, or the rug will get heavy use, dark colours and intricate patterns will not show dirt as obviously as on a plain rug.

Size Matters - If you want a rug to cover most of the floor in a room, the same amount of bare floor should be exposed on all sides of the rug, even if the room is an irregular shape or there is a cupboard or fireplace extending into it. If you are not able to arrange that, try and have the same amount of floor showing on two parallel sides.

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